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Review: “Sins of the Past” by Intent

“We wanted to record these tracks because when we recorded our first album, our budget and other resources were very limited. In the end we felt we didn’t do the songs justice. Years later, now that we have more experience producing our own records, we thought it would be fun to take some of our

NEWS: Intent return to “Number 12 (Looks Just Like You)”!

In what could well be the final recordings of drummer Garrett Loper who tragically passed away earlier this year, Phoenix Arizona Thrash overlords Intent are preparing to release “Sins of the Past” on 1st September. A new EP that finds the band sharing re-recorded versions of three cuts from their breakthrough album “Vox Populi“, single

Review: “Exile” by Intent

The arrival of the sophomore album from Arizona Thrash quartet Intent doesn’t just continue the resurgence of the genre as a whole but confirms the genres endurance in the present moment while proving that the golden age still has the power to inspire after four decades. Having formed in 2015, Intent had a few lucky

NEWS: Intent premier “Victims of Conquest”!

Rising Arizona Thrash Lords Intent have shared the ferocious opening cut “Victims of Conquest” from their upcoming new album “Exile“, one said to unleash commanding rhythms and powerful lyrics on a tremendous scale. Having cut their teeth supporting bands like Havok, Overkill and DRI with material from 2018’s debut “Vox Populi“, the time is now

NEWS: Intent announce sophomore album “Exile”!

After a wealth of line up changes in their early days Arizona Thrash Lords Intent have shared stages with the great and the good of the genre including Overkill, DRI and Havok in making their name, armed with 2018’s “Vox Populi“. The follow up has been a long time coming but recorded at Narcissist Audio