NEWS: Progeny Of Sun fear the Reaper?

Finnish Blackened Death Metal dark wanderers Progeny Of Sun are preparing for the 8th December publication of their debut album “Throne Of Desolation” via Inverse Records and have offered up a third appetizer in “Courier” for your listening pleasure. A twelve track affair means that there is still more to be sacrificed without giving too much of the game away and pre-orders are of course available over at bandcamp.

The band comments: “Joni [Kiviniemi, Guitar] once woke Pepe [Juha Peura, Drums] up from his nap and excitedly said: “I made a song, but I don’t remember how the riffs went.” Pepe answered sleepily: “Add a couple of blast beats to it.” Since the composition of the riffs was not fully memorized, Joni decided to add all the variations to the same song. Next, Niko [Aromaa, Vocals] gave his soul into the demo, but it was soon forgotten on the drawing board. Months later, the song was accidentally unearthed while making the album. There it was: a forgotten gem, exactly what was needed for the album. To this, the bassist, who was enjoying a beer, pointed out: “I’ve been talking to you guys about this song for months, and not until now you’re noticing it.” In rehearsals, Hauta [Jaakko Hautamäki, Guitar] watched the drummer who was enjoying himself too much, and demanded more double basses. Bass guitar was executed normally.”

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