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Review: “Throne of Desolation” by Progeny of Sun

From humble beginnings Finnish Blackened Death Metal band Progeny of Sun have risen like a Phoenix from the ashes since being conceived in 2017 as a two man project. Multi instrumentalist (now guitarist) Jaakko Hautamäki and vocalist Niko Aromaa released their debut self titled EP in 2019, the burning desire to perform their cryptic writings live

NEWS: Progeny of Sun premier “Dweller”!

…with their debut album “Throne Of Desolation” out tomorrow via Inverse Records, Finnish Blackened Death Metal quintet Progeny of Sun have pieced together a music video for “Dweller” from it. The band have in their ranks one of the most impressive vocalist in the genre in Niko Aromaa, making the record one to check out

NEWS: Progeny Of Sun fear the Reaper?

Finnish Blackened Death Metal dark wanderers Progeny Of Sun are preparing for the 8th December publication of their debut album “Throne Of Desolation” via Inverse Records and have offered up a third appetizer in “Courier” for your listening pleasure. A twelve track affair means that there is still more to be sacrificed without giving too

NEWS: Progeny of Sun fight for the throne!

Finnish Blackened Death Metal band Progeny of Sun have chosen “False Radiance” as the second single upcoming debut album “Throne of Desolation“. Set to be released on 8th December via Inverse Records, it follows first single  “Damsel” out of Hell’s gate from the band who made their name with 2021 EP “Dark Wanderer“. Pre-orders are

NEWS: Progeny of Sun seek a damsel in distress?

Dark wanderers Progeny of Sun have returned with “Damsel“, the first burnt offering from a long awaited debut album titled “Throne of Desolation”. That title is a reference to someone or something that terrorizes the existence of life in multiple forms when given authority, with the record tentatively scheduled for an end of 2023 release

NEWS: Progeny of Sun share new single, debut album in the works!

Currently composing new tracks for their debut album, Finnish Blackened Death Metal band Progeny of Sun have released a new single titled “Anguish” complete with music video. Curiously enough the single’s drums were recorded by Vesa Viitanen from Napalm to thy Face Prod before mixing by Anton Sizikov (Empire Studios) and mastering  by Sebastian Has (Behemoth) from

NEWS: Progeny of Sun begin life after “Dark Wanderer”!

Continuing from where EP “Dark Wanderer” left of last year, Progeny of Sun will release two new singles in the first half of 2022 and the band are claiming that things are heating up as the new material is the heaviest they have ever recorded. The first of those singles is titled “Worthless” and is

Review: “Dark Wanderer” by Progeny of Sun

“All of your hopes and dreams, Don’t mean s***, All that’s left is now to nowhere, no, I believe, do anything at all costs, You must believe, Not all who wander are lost” ~ DevilDriver In March 2019 Progeny Of Sun released their debut self titled EP via Inverse Records as a duo having been

NEWS: Progeny of Sun hide in the shadows!

Finnish extreme Metal Band Progeny Of Sun have released a new EP “Dark Wanderer” via Inverse Records, today, 28th May 2021. Mixed by guitarist Jaakko Hautamäki with mastering by Sebastian Has (Behemoth) from Sound Division Studio Poland it follows their 2019 self titled Smith and Wesson and to celebrate the release the band have also