NEWS: Progeny of Sun share new single, debut album in the works!

Currently composing new tracks for their debut album, Finnish Blackened Death Metal band Progeny of Sun have released a new single titled “Anguish” complete with music video. Curiously enough the single’s drums were recorded by Vesa Viitanen from Napalm to thy Face Prod before mixing by Anton Sizikov (Empire Studios) and mastering  by Sebastian Has (Behemoth) from Sound Division Studio Poland.


The band comments: “Juha [Peura, drums] once told us (composers) that for once we could create a song where the tempo is actually humane. Subsequently Jaakko [Hautamäki, guitars] went digging through the archives, found a couple of old unused riffs, and ended up using neither. The approach we took with this song was consciously a bit different from normal, although simultaneously the aim was to stay true to the characteristic sound of the band. Eventually all the rough edges of the original demo were smoothed out by joint efforts of the whole band. Even Juha was given the opportunity to add couple of fills. Then Niko [Aromaa, vocals] made the vocals, once again crushing it with first try. This was the fastest produced song from start to finish during the band’s history so far. As soon as we heard the first demo version, we decided that this song would be prepared to be a single release right away

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