NEWS: Noprophecy refuse to be broken!

…with new album “As The Bridge Collapses” due out on 24tb November via Rockshots Records, Singapore Metalcore merchants Noprophecy have offered up “Broken” as a second preview of the record. Describing their sound as Aggressive, Melodic, Intense, Groove, and Dynamic the five piece found themselves battling regular line up changes in their early years before 2016 EP “After Life Comes” stole the show.

The band comment: “There are so many variations the band incorporates into its songwriting with this album and we believe there is something for everyone. We feel an album should always have a flow from start to finish and that is what we’re trying to achieve with this album. We definitely played around with the choruses more this time, keeping in mind to engage more crowd participation for this album cycle. We want to give the fans a refreshing experience, yet something that is relatable on a personal level.”

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