Review: “The Change Around Us & The Change In You” by Lune

It has to be said once again that the Australian Metal scene remains a hotbed of activity with some fantastic bands rising from beneath the desert sands in search of World Domination. The latest in that long line are Melbourne Metalcore merchants Lune whose 2020 debut EP “Ghost” has ensured that they have surpassed the 1 million streams milestone with consummate ease, the title track of that record along with 2019 single “Manipulator” being absolutely massive for them. Having set expectations they return with a sophomore effort in “The Change Around Us & The Change In You” that finds them leaving behind a pair of singles from 2021 as stand alone while seeking the assistance of not one but no less than three Jedi Masters. Collaborating with Jamie Marinos (Thornhill, Anticline, The Gloom In The Corner) on production, Lance Prenc (Void Of Vision, Polaris, Alpha Wolf) with additional drum engineering and Buster Odeholm (Humanity’s Last Breath, Reflections, Allt) on the mix and master surely whets the appetite of the majority of the Metal World? Add to that the fact that they have Garrett Russell of Silent Planet making a guest vocal appearance and it’s safe to say that if they had a budget, it’s been well and truly blown on this one…

…with former members of Blind Oracle and I, Valiance in their ranks Lune are a seasoned collection of musicians who know what they’re doing in the studio, something which translates in the flow and cohesive nature of “The Change Around Us & The Change In You” as it shimmers in the dark. Opening cut “Healers” has flavours of the bands peers in Polaris and Architects with some delicate melodies interwoven into a fabric of a powerhouse tune to help you breathe more easily. Staccato riff breaks build the momentum despite a melancholic air, the emotive qualities of the screamed vocals truly captivating in the lyrical title track. Featuring the aforementioned guest vocal appearance from Garrett Russell of Silent Planet, “Left Behind” is far from the Slipknot cover that the title suggests. Instead it has flavours of bands like Currents with that deep resonance for anyone who has suffered from anxiety or depression in the lyrics but somehow managing to avoid the woe is me feel of Nu-Metal. A massive breakdown in the final third and some screamed demonic uncleans makes for a seriously powerful gut punch moment that is pure gold. “Letting Go” continues the flow of the record like a river to the ocean with more classically styled Metalcore riffs while pushing the boundaries a little with some synths and programming to add a greater depth to the sound. Embellished by sing-a-long moments like “You were someone I wanted to save!” in a clean vocal passage and this one once again screams big single.

Going a shade heavier “Memory Replays” roars into life with furious energy, the introspective lyrical narrative from Nathaniel Smith unleashed in pure catharsis as the pummelling kit work from Harrison Mills and Nu-Metalcore groove makes for a real circle pit starter. Guitarist Krys Smith deserves a lot of credit here because as a single guitarist he is able to deliver a plethora of powerhouse riffs while keeping the things fresh and interesting throughout. “Progeny” gives him the opportunity bring out some leads while Mills gives us some blasting and if that wasn’t enough there are some hitherto unheard vocal moments from Smith that blow the mind. He pushes himself at both ends of the unclean spectrum, some ear drum perforating shriller moments playing off against some brutal death growls that are savagely brilliant. That makes for arguably the heaviest moment on the record and far from an obvious single but kudos for going against the grain and choosing it for the purpose. The emotively raw “Winter Sun” is perhaps a more obvious choice, it’s clean vocal parts and almost ambient passages impressive while not quite reaching breath-taking, the band proving they have what it takes to be able to transition from their heavier side to their most melodic and back again in seamless fashion. A powerful statement piece from a band on the rise, expect Lune to be everywhere very soon [8/10]

Track Listing

  1. Healers
  2. Left Behind (ft. Garrett Russell of Silent Planet)
  3. Letting Go
  4. Memory Replays
  5. Progeny
  6. Winter Sun

The Change Around Us & The Change In You” by Lune is out 10th November 2023 via Resist Records

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