Review: “Evolution” by Sailor Hunter

Evolution arguably began in 2018 for Sailor Hunter when guitarist Al Rinald met drummer Kutte Gashi and decided to convert his solo project into a full band. Since then the Gothenburg Sweden based Melodic Death Metal quartet who have natural deep roots in the genre have released a self titled debut EP via Inverse Records and return with a new vocalist in Sebastian Fingal for a sophomore offering…

The out pouring of Melodic Death Metal from Finland begins with “Ashes“, a tune that starts with a tasty riff before evolving with orchestral enhancements during the chorus. Falling away during the verse that follows before rising again, the stylistic choice is a curious one because it injects melody without moving away from the scalding unclean vocals. Something which grows on you over multiple listens rather than being immediately appealing, the embellishment doesn’t feel particularly necessary and perhaps is a little forced. By way of contrast “Condemned By Creation” works far better, the change in the chorus bringing in clean vocals and keys. On the one hand that changes the dynamic, meaning the band aren’t simply a chugga-chugga outfit but on the other, the rhythmic gymnastics of the verse riffs are so good that distraction isn’t needed. The hammer strikes hot metal with “Against All Strife“, old school riffs and a drum sound reminiscent of early Lamb Of God drives this one forward and while there is a clean vocal intertwined with the uncleans in the latter portion this no frills, all riff affair is much more appealing. It’s not perfect but it has more of a cutting edge, refusing to water down the output and instead holding a clenched fist of defiance. Caustic dry throated vocals are the strength of “Evolution“, an orchestrated element far more subtle here than on the earlier tracks. A cut that speaks of survival of the fittest and Darwin’s theories, it has an almost anthemic chorus that steals the show and once again has that rhythmic drive that we crave. All in all a mixed bag, this new record brings a few new elements to the table but perhaps feels like it could use a stronger sense of direction [7/10]

Track Listing

  1. Ashes
  2. Condemned By Creation
  3. Against All Strife
  4. Evolution

Evolution” by Sailor Hunter is out 24th May 2024 via Inverse Records

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