Review: “Resurgence” by Adelon

Engineered, co-produced, mixed and mastered by Alex Sedin (Anachronism, Essence Of Datum, White Ward) the debut EP “Resurgence” from Lausanne Switzerland Progressive Technical Death Metal quintet Adelon is an intriguing offering. How they were able to convince such an acclaimed engineer to work with them having only offered a pair of stand alone singles in 2022’s “Transient Beings” and 2023’s “Storm of the Awakening” as a demonstration of their capabilities remains a mystery. What we can say however is that strongly influenced by the music of Gojira and Decapitated, the band present a sound balanced on a knife edge between brutality and groove while being soaked elegant melodies, their material running on themes as far apart as Mental health and climate change…

…and with a saxophone courtesy of Bastian Köhli on opening cut “Fleshless Vertebrae” you might think they offer something a little more avant-garde than most. The reality is something far more darker and destructive as after a haunting piano accompanies the sound of running water, a whirlwind of percussive rhythmic battery and Deathcore inspired riffs appear like a tornado on the horizon. Pierrick Tromme’s vocals are throat splittingly savage and while the band aren’t afraid of longer instrumental sections with delicately interwoven nuances, his presence is felt just as keenly. The drum programming from Robin Demarta is immense, the kit sounding huge in the mix as the percussion floats between blast beats and groove laden fills (while barely even sounding like a machine) and the saxophone… it’s a surprisingly haunting melancholic mourning touch when it finally surfaces from the black depths. Etienne Scherer brings the lead guitars to “Monisme” is sublime fashion, the pummelling twisting and contorting with soaring Progressive melodies for the first time but fortunately never switching away from the fearsome uncleans. Instead the band showcase musicianship of a ridiculously high standard, making sure that all their ideas fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

Tromme’s vocal range in the harsh realms is on display in “Crimson Luminescence” as he blends some shriller moments with his usual death growls while the synths from Quentin Landolt add the feeling of science fiction horror. A rampage through the darkest of realities, it has at its beating black heart another virtuoso solo capable of melting the heart of the most frost bitten ice maiden. That feels elegant and indulgent against backdrop of crushing rhythmic brutality as the weight of the rumbling bass and powerful rhythm guitars feel like a curb stomp in comparison. Bouncy riffs give “Cycles” a different energy in the first half before a synth break transitions into a Deathcore bridge that hits like being broadsided by a truck. Another transition takes the band into Progressive Death Metal territory once more, a flamboyant solo raising the roof only for the rhythm section to bring crashing down with a pulverising grand finale. As if that wasn’t enough the band have an acoustic final moment to add an eerie almost ethereal touch and by the end of this you’ll be left wondering what exactly you just heard. Captivating and enthralling from start to finish “Resurgence” has all the elements present in its make up to have Adelon follow bands like Fallujah onto the international scene… [8/10]

Track Listing

  1. Fleshless Vertebrae (ft. Bastian Köhli)
  2. Monisme (ft. Etienne Scherer)
  3. Crimson Luminescence
  4. Cycles

Resurgence” by Adelon is out 21st June 2024 and is available over at bandcamp

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