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NEWS: Metal Noise Coronavirus Free Zone! Get Your Tees HERE!

We’ve been asked about why we’re not publishing tour cancellations in the current climate so here’s the thing. We’re making a conscious effort to keep Metal Noise a Coronavirus free zone because you’ll be getting inundated by news and updates on that situation from every angle possible (and some that aren’t). So we’re of the

Listmania: Revolver Magazine unveil 25 to watch for 2020!

Part insider knowledge, part “they are way past due”, Revolver Magazine have published their “25 Most Anticipated Albums of 2020” which has a couple of surprises on it. Who has heard of Dena Dentata? Puscifer continues to baffle and we’d never had had them marked as fans of Red Fang. But they are. So… We

Listmania: Revolver Magazine’s 20x Biggest Stories of 2019!

Yesterday Revolver Magazine shared their “20 Biggest Stories of 2019” and as with’s recent top #25 list, theirs is dominated by one band. Tool. We must be missing something. Not that we’ve got anything against Tool as such, just that we’ve never really been fans. Quite how Evanescence managed to get onto the list

Listmania: 50 of the best riffs of the Decade?

Canadian guitarist Nik Nocturnal has not only gone and compiled a list of 50 of the best riffs of the past decade in his eyes. Oh no. He’s taken things one step further and plays through them in this latest clip! Motionless in White, In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Architects and more get some praise on

Listmania: Metal Hammer’s favourite albums of 2019!

As Listmania season continues with 2019 drawing to a close, Metal Hammer Magazine have shared their writers individual top 20 albums of 2019. It might (or might not) be a surprise that “We Are Not Your Kind” by Slipknot doesn’t feature on everyone’s list and that each one has some shared releases as well as

Listmania: 5x Albums of Hangover Music!

The seasons festivities are well under way with plenty of our favourite alcoholic beverages on the go. So here are five of our go to albums to soothe a savage hangover. After all, everyone loves beer O’clock but after you’ve been on the whiskey as well, the following day might be a bit harder to