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Bootleg: Chaos Sequence at Techabilitation!

Read our Tech-Fest Techabilitation 2023 review and didn’t believe it could have been that good? Fair play, sometimes seeing (and hearing) is believing. Fortunately for us, the set from Nu-Deathcore outfit Chaos Sequence was caught on camera by Martin Kelly for your viewing pleasure! The footage isn’t raw either having been mixed, mastered and edited

NEWS: Chaos Sequence initiate self destruct?

Taken from their April released EP “Chemical Circuit” and spliced together with footage captured during their set at the tenth anniversary of Tech-Fest by JWA Creations, Chaos Sequence have offered up a music video for “initiate:downfall“. The Bristol based Nu-Metalcore aggressors were one of many to shine at the event and the second to celebrate

Live Review: Tech-Fest 10th Anniversary (Thursday)

Travelling up to the 10th Anniversary of Tech-Fest there are mixed feelings. The line up this year is incredible but the knowledge that maybe the final one weighs heavy on the head. It doesn’t feel right that something so great should come to an end, however making this one a celebration is paramount. That’s something

NEWS: Chaos Sequence get nasty with Parasite!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Nu-Deathcore? 10th Anniversary of Tech-Fest at Newark Showgrounds bound this summer, the warped minds of Bristol quartet Chaos Sequence have dropped a psychedelic hallucination of a music video for single “Parasite“, their second so far in 2023. They will be joining After Smoke Clears for

Playthrough: “Virus” from Chaos Sequence!

Having escaped “The Ties That Blind The Flesh And Mind“, Nu-Metalcore aggressors Chaos Sequence have offered up dedicated drum cam footage of James Spiller redecorating Weston Super Mare with “Virus” during a headline performance from the band in December 2022. The show took place at The Electric Banana and saw the band play a set

NEWS: Chaos Sequence search for The Well Intentioned Virus?

They may have only released “The Ties That Blind The Flesh And Mind” at the end if April but Bristol Gloom Metal upstarts Chaos Sequence aren’t the kind of people who rest on their laurels so they’ve pulled a new single out of the test tube in the Chemistry lab in “Virus“. Catch them live

The Black Map #214: Chaos Sequence from Bristol!

Two Hundred and Fourteen. That’s how many of the lesser lights of heaven in the UK Metal Underground scene we’ve put a spotlight brighter than a solar flare on with our weekly feature “The Black Map“. The numbers will only keep getting higher because the number of bands coming and going from the scene is