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Playthrough: “Frayed Vessels” from Nonvector!

It seems that one fantastic drummer will replace another as Death Metal drummer extraordinaire Kevin Talley (ex-Dying Fetus, ex-Chimara, ex-Suffocation) has exited stage left from Progressive Metal outfit Nonvector to be replaced by Alex Rüdinger (ex-Whitechapel, ex-Revocation, ex-Threat Signal). It seems that the band have a debut full length album on the horizon with the

Under The Influence #55: Nonvector on “Red” by King Crimson!

London England was the home of one of Progressive Rock’s most influential figures in guitarist Robert Fripp. By 1974 his brainchild King Crimson were releasing their seventh studio record entitled “Red“, an album that saw five cuts including the epic 12 minute affair that is “Starless” that unbeknown to the band at the time would