NEWS: Nonvector to take the short trip home once more with WormHoleDeath Records!

Originally released in December 2019, the wonderment that is “A Short Trip Home” by Nonvector will be re-released via Italian label WormHoleDeath Records on 16th September with the addition of a bonus track titled “Ethereal Hypervisor“. For those not in the know, Nonvector is a project of Crimson Massacre guitarist James Jackson who brought in bassist James Duvall and classically trained Pianist Vince Patillo to create their own take on Progressive Metal. The trio are joined by Death Metal drummer extraordinaire Kevin Talley (ex-Dying Fetus, ex-Chimara, ex-Suffocation) for the 17 minute instrumental title track, which was inspired after Jackson read F. Scott Fitzgerald 1927’s namesake…

The band comment: “Nonvector is very pleased to announce they have signed with Italian label WormHoleDeath Records, seeing it as a great opportunity to work with veterans of the Metal scene. We are expecting great things as we work with them and for this to be an awesome adventure as we continue to create our brand of prog-metal and Texas sludge.”

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