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Playthrough: “Frayed Vessels” from Nonvector!

It seems that one fantastic drummer will replace another as Death Metal drummer extraordinaire Kevin Talley (ex-Dying Fetus, ex-Chimara, ex-Suffocation) has exited stage left from Progressive Metal outfit Nonvector to be replaced by Alex Rüdinger (ex-Whitechapel, ex-Revocation, ex-Threat Signal). It seems that the band have a debut full length album on the horizon with the

NEWS: Nonvector premier “Ethereal Hypervisor“!

In 1927 F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote “A Short Trip Home” a novel which inspired former Crimson Massacre guitarist James Jackson to gather bassist James Duvall and classically trained Pianist Vince Patillo as well as Death Metal drummer extraordinaire Kevin Talley (ex-Dying Fetus, ex-Chimara, ex-Suffocation) to write and record a 17 minute instrumental and give it the

Review: “Red Giant” by Lucius Fox

There are concepts and then there is “Red Giant“, an EP consisting of three loud, abrasive tracks covering the subject matter of an ancient ship-sinking weapon designed by Archimedes, a huge carnivorous prehistoric whale and the sun engulfing the inner planets in 7.9 billion years. That might sound like a big pair of subjects to

Playthrough: “Missing Victims” by Six Feet Under!

Back in 2011 after exiting stage left from Cleveland Ohio bruisers Chimaira, guitarist Rob Arnold teamed back up with former Dying Fetus drummer Kevin Talley who he has recorded with on the Chimaira self titled album. The pair had received the call to join former Cannibal Corpse frontman Chris Barnes project Six Feet Under and

Review: “Volatile Doom” by Scuzz

Recorded live at Graveless Studios during the Great Plague of 2020 before being mixed and mastered by drummer Michael Girard the new album from Scuzz has arrived. Hailing form St. Louis Missouri, by the side of the Mississippi River is where the rowdy instrumental trio (rounded out by guitarist Donny Thurmon and bassist Jandro Montero,

Under The Influence #55: Nonvector on “Red” by King Crimson!

London England was the home of one of Progressive Rock’s most influential figures in guitarist Robert Fripp. By 1974 his brainchild King Crimson were releasing their seventh studio record entitled “Red“, an album that saw five cuts including the epic 12 minute affair that is “Starless” that unbeknown to the band at the time would

Review: “A Short Trip Home” by Nonvector

After 14 years in the wilderness, Crimson Massacre guitarist James Jackson created Nonvector with bassist James Duvall and Pianist Vince Patillo in order to create some Progressive music with both Metal and Rock leanings. Getting drummer Kevin Talley, known for his work in many heavy Metal bands including Dååth, Feared, Sylencer and Nothnegal, Dying Fetus,

Interview: Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold talks to Kevin Talley!

In this latest episode from Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold, he goes and talks to former Chimaira drummer Kevin Talley, who not only saved the bands bacon when he stepped up to the plate for their touring schedule but also delivered a power house performance on the bands dark self titled album back in 2005! Having