Review: “A Short Trip Home” by Nonvector

After 14 years in the wilderness, Crimson Massacre guitarist James Jackson created Nonvector with bassist James Duvall and Pianist Vince Patillo in order to create some Progressive music with both Metal and Rock leanings. Getting drummer Kevin Talley, known for his work in many heavy Metal bands including Dååth, Feared, Sylencer and Nothnegal, Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Six Feet Under, Chimaira, Suffocation and Battlecross onboard, they set about creating “A Short Trip Home” after being inspired by the F. Scott Fitzgerald story of the same title.

Surpassing the seventeen minute mark with a single instrumental track is the path they chose and it’s sheer brilliance is something that on paper could be hard to comprehend. Constantly shifting sands of texture and tempo create an ever changing the scenery soundscape that is breathtaking. Little pieces of Metal and Progressive Rock appear in short bursts of energy as they appear like solar flares that melt seamlessly together like butter into freshly baked bread. There is light and shade with contrasting moments as each musician adds their own parts to make the final composition greater than the sum of it’s parts as it flows like a river to the sea. At times it’s mesmerising, at times smooth Jazz inspired and as it fades out, Talley’s double kick work leaves you wanting more because as the 17 minutes reaches its finale, it’s hard to believe that 17 minutes has passed by. That should tell you all you need to know about this record. It doesn’t have the fun of Navian or sunshine of Chon but instead occupies similar territory to the new Intronaut record and is beautiful in its own right [8.5/10]


  1. A Short Trip Home

A Short Trip Home” by Nonvector is out now and available here

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