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Bootleg: Vein in New York!

2020 is going to be a huge year for Boston Massachusetts Hardcore crew Vein. They signed to Closed Casket Activities in 2017 and arrived on the World stage with their 2018 album “Errorzone” produced by the legend that is Will Putney. So good in fact is the album that it appears on Revolver Magazines “Best

Bootleg: Vein In New Jersey!

Pro-Shot at the White Eagle Hall in Jersey City New Jersey on 7th September, here’s a full set from “Errorzone” captives Vein! They’ve had a huge year off the back of the Closed Casket Activities release thanks in no small part to the legendary Will Putney.

Bootleg: Vein in Lakewood Ohio!

Courtesy of Leo Sypniewski at The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio, here’s a full set from Vein Pro-Shot on 8th September. This one is loaded with flashing lights and strobe effects so be warned if you’re sensitive to that. The band are touring the Will Putney produced “Errorzone” which is out now on Closed

Bootleg: Vein in San Diego!

Is this the Hardcore? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a Slipknot, no escape from The Che Cafe. Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see. This is San Diego, I need no “Errorzone”. Californian sunshine, Closed Casket Activities. 27th September. Will Putney. Vein. Because I’m easy come, easy go, little high, little

Bootleg: Vein in the K! Pit!

Rather than Blondies in London, Vein are in Brooklyn New York at The Gutter for a sort of return to their roots Hardcore show with the Kerrang Magazine cameras rolling! It’s live in a dive and captures the raw edge of the band while also get an audio mix from the black belt master himself

Bootleg: Vein at 1720 Warehouse!

The Will Putney produced “Errorzone” out now via Closed Casket Activities from Vein has to be one of the finer releases around at the moment. It certainly gave them enough of a leg up in their career to date to get them a headlining European Tour run. Pro-Shot at the 1720 Warehouse in Los Angeles

Bootleg: Vein in Glasgow!

Pro-Shot by David Tan and Kathryn McBride at G2 in Glasgow on 15th February, here’s a full set from Vein! The band are touring their debut full length album “Errorzone”, Produced by Will Putney and out now via Closed Casket Activities.

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Albums of 2018!

It’s Listmania season. That time around the Holidays when anyone and everyone is throwing out their Babies with their bathwater along with their top this and best of that. We’ll be honest. We aren’t fans of these epically long lists of albums or bands or whatever. Who hasn’t got some form of ADHD in 2018

Bootleg: Full set from Vein in Lakewood Ohio!

Pro-Shot by Leo Sypniewski at The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio on 9th October, here’s a full set from Vein! They’ll be upon our shores in February for a run with Leeds Hardcore crew Higher Power in support of their Closed Casket Activities debut full length “Errorzone”.

Bootleg: Vein at Audiotree in Chicago!

Recorded in 12th November in Chicago Illinois, here’s a set from Vein at Audiotree. Including “Demise Automation” and “Terror’s Realm” from new Will Putney produced album “Errorzone”, it’s a fantastic studio insight. The band will be upon our shores for a run of dates in February with Higher Power. If you’ve not heard the album,