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Throwback: “Headbanger Face Rip” from Municipal Waste!

Ahead of the release of their upcoming new album “Electrified Brain” and extensive tour plans with Anthrax, it’s time to take two minutes to look back with rose tinted spectacles at an album that has reached its fifteenth anniversary. Recorded at Planet Z Studios with Chris Zeuss Harris (Soulfly, Chimaira, Hatebreed), 2007 saw Richmond Virginia

NEWS: Municipal Waste take the electric chair!

“Guilty as charged, But damn it, it ain’t right, There is someone else controlling me, Death in the air, Strapped in the electric chair, This can’t be happening to me, Who made you God to say, I’ll take your life from you, Flash before my eyes, Now it’s time to die, Burning in my brain,

NEWS: Municipal Waste slice and dice!

Rather than hold on to release their vinyl at the same time as their new album, Crossover Thrash legends Municipal Waste are going with 1st July for “Electrified Brain” for everything else with 23rd September the date for everyone’s favourite format. They’ve given us a warning shot in the form of “High Speed Steel” from

The Black Map #196: Bangover from London!

If you’re Saturday night was a classic, then Sunday morning can only mean one thing. A hangover combined with the whiplash affect from over exuberant headbanging which Municipal Waste branded the “Bangover” on 2005’s “Hazardous Mutation”. Two paracetamol, two ibuprofen and a roasting hot coffees or a can of your energy drink of choice and

Review: “Close Encounters Of A Thrash Kind” by Bangover

“Another Sunday I’m battered and spent, So many things happened that I might regret, A weekly occurrence, what’s strange about that? But it seems like to me there’s a pain in my neck, Aches when I turn and when I look up, It feels like my necks been hit by a truck, Ears are still

NEWS: Anthrax 40th Anniversary Tour 2022!

2022 continues to get wave after wave of tour news with bands looking to book shows further in advance than usual and the latest to do so are New Thrash Kings Anthrax. They’ll be bringing a 40th Anniversary run with a career spanning set along with Municipal Waste for all full on Thrash spectacular that will

Review: “Doctrine of Misanthropy” by Prayers Of Sanity

Proving there is no substitute for 80’s Thrash Metal influenced by the likes of Exodus, Nuclear Assault and Testament Portugal’s Prayers of Sanity have so far hammered out a trio of well received albums in 2009’s “Religion Blindness”, 2012’s “Confrontations” and 2017’s “Face of the Unknown”.  Combining Thrash with the raw intensity of punk and

Review: “Behind” by Engraver

Recorded, mixered and mastered between March and June 2020, during the height of the Great Plague, “Behind” marks the debut release from a band who describe themselves as Thrash Metal with Death and Black influences and like nothing better that to tell stories of gore, psychology, serial killers and crime. Engraver were formed in Ossi

Review: “Black EP” by Citizen Rage

Hardcore Punks from Calgary, Alberta Canada who like to tear apart controversial topics in pursuit of social change, Citizen Rage have been dropping independent bomb shell EPs since forming in 2014 and taking their music on the road, playing festivals like Armstrong Metal Fest, Loud as Hell, East-Town Get Down, Lethbridge Deathfest, and Decimate Metal