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Documentary: TripleMurder talk Lockdown over a beer!

TripleMurder Bassist Eric talks about what he’s been up to during the lockdown while his band drink beer in this hang out video as the band aren’t able to tour their debut record “Pre-Mediated“. They do have a practice room step so maybe we’re in for some treats from that from the Ottawan Groove Metal

Interview: Triple Murder answer questions on “Bears, Ducks and Tattoos”!

Ditching the posh sounding Maxwell Fortin-Proulx and calling their feature simply “Ask Max!“, Ottawa Canada Metallers Triple Murder have got their guitarist to answer a hat full of hilariously put together fan questions from their Facebook page in this interview entitled “Bears, Ducks and Tattoos“. Their pretty damn good nostalgic EP “Pre-Mediated” is out now.

Documentary: TripleMurder does Pembroke!

Ottawan quartet TripleMurder joined Fumigation, Misshapen and Exo-Vedate at The Nelson Street Pub in Pembroke Ontario Canada, a venue that promises intoxicating drinks, ridiculously good food, unrivaled entertainment (and maybe a few shenanigans!) for a show they’ve filmed a mini tour diary around. The band let loose with their debut “Pre-Mediated“, a fine example of

Bootleg: “Sacrifice” from TripleMurder!

Canadian Metallers TripleMurder have recorded a video of “Sacrifice” live at Hillside Audio with Beyond The Pit behind the cameras. The song appears on the bands nostalgic debut EP “Pre-Mediated” which appeared at the end of August. Check out the video and our review of that one.

NEWS: TripleMurder crawl the stream…

Featuring a guest appearance from Scar For The Wicked frontman Eric Forget, Canadian Metallers TripleMurder are streaming “Crawl” from their recently released (and reviewed!) EP “Pre-Mediated”. If you’re a fan of Thrash and Groove Metal with a nostalgic 90s vibe,  then this one is for you!

Riff Police! Pull Over! #73: TripleMurder Vs Avenged Sevenfold!

A couple of weeks ago we reviewed the all round good time that is “Pre-Mediated” by Canadian Metallers TripleMurder. They have a nostalgic 90s Metal vibe to them that floats our boat and while it’s nothing new, it is fantastic good fun and that’s something everyone can enjoy. While we were listening to it, a

Review: “Pre-Mediated” by TripleMurder

Hailing from Ottawa Ontario Canada and being quartet, Drummer Zachary Le May, Bassist Erich Mueller, Vocalist Mike Eron and Guitarist Maxwell Fortin-Proulx probably have the poshest names available to contrast the their moniker TripleMurder. We mean… How many homicidal maniacs have you met with a double barrel name that want to blast you with both