Review: “Pre-Mediated” by TripleMurder

Hailing from Ottawa Ontario Canada and being quartet, Drummer Zachary Le May, Bassist Erich Mueller, Vocalist Mike Eron and Guitarist Maxwell Fortin-Proulx probably have the poshest names available to contrast the their moniker TripleMurder. We mean… How many homicidal maniacs have you met with a double barrel name that want to blast you with both barrels of a sawn off shotgun for trespassing on their property on a wet Wednesday night in October?

Not a King 810 cover, “Boogeyman” highlights the skills of sticksman Zachary Le May with some early 90s styled kit work that you might have expected from then Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera. An ocean of pedal work and tribal notes it’s adds to the riffs in a way that elevates. Mike Eron’s unclean vocals in storytelling style cut the wheat from the chaff with a surprising amount of range as he drops into some Slam esq pig squeals to bring what is essentially a 90s Groove laiden Thrash cut to a close. The biggest surprise is however Guitarist Maxwell Fortin-Proulx slinging out some KoRn esq squeals of his own with the sort of thing you might have heard on “Good God”. But damn son, it works. “Eyes of Judgement” ups the ante with a higher energy and driven riffs with some Trivium esq tones in the mix. The solo isn’t quite the face melter but it isn’t an over indulgence either and we’re bounced nicely along with an efficient if slightly raw sounding cut that blends Thrash with Metalcore in fine style. A bass solo from Erich Mueller starts off “Sacrifice” and that bass has more prominence in the mix on this one. Eron uses a pair of voices in contrast, a Death Metal gutteral and a Metalcore bark that often switch, intersplicing lines to give the impression of dual vocalist. A tinderbox of a cut, it burns to a thunderous breakdown and closes on point.

Featuring guest vocals from Eric Forget “Crawl” sees TripleMurder up their game with a pounder of 90s riffs and Melodic Death Metal that bridges the gap between Lamb Of God and The Black Dahlia Murder. Some wonderfully headbangable breakdown sections are exactly what the Doctor ordered with his pint of Guinness. Flowing nicely into “Ready To Bleed” with its sinister introduction riff and a brutal opening verse that makes way for some blast beats and pre-Slam moments as Erin screams about being unstoppable. The hardcore inspired gang chant of “Separate” isn’t something you’d expect in this genre but works and perhaps showcases some Hardcore or Crossover Thrash influences. The insightful lyrics and breakdowns make this one a highlight. “Cannibalistic” has a Pantera inspired riff that wouldn’t be out of place on “Vulgar Display Of Power”, though the vocals are anything but. Eron instead opts for a more savage approach for his tales of evil. What we’re left with is a fine piece of nostalgic Metal that is the perfect soundtrack to some beers with its instant catchy riffs, familiar sound and vibe [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Boogeyman
  2. Eyes of Judgement
  3. Sacrifice
  4. Crawl (Ft. Eric Forget)
  5. Ready To Bleed
  6. Cannibalistic

“Pre-Mediated” by TripleMurder is out now and is available over at bandcamp

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