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Throwback: “Death Threat” by Insolence!

Starting out with a Thrash album in 1995’s “Vicious Circle“, San Jose Californians Insolence came to prominence in 2001 when they signed to Madonna’s Maverick Records label, the home of Deftones. There they released their sixth studio record “Revolution” which actually was more of a continuation of the evolution that had seen them move into

The Black Map #134: Sore Teeth from Fleet!

Riding in on the crest of a wave in 2017 to take the scene by storm, Sore Teeth are a Crossover Thrash trio with their roots so deep in Hardcore Punk that worms on the other side of the Globe are feeding on them. Taking influence from the likes of Terror, Hatebreed and Madball, the

Playthrough: “F*** You In The Head” from Sore Teeth!

That’s right. By special request, Sore Teeth guitarist and vocalist Ross Walker has recorded a guitar playthrough video for “F*** You In The Head“. The bands infections crossover style has seen two albums and an EP since 2017 with “Revolution” being the one that this song appears on. How much Thrash Impact do you get