Throwback: “Death Threat” by Insolence!

Starting out with a Thrash album in 1995’s “Vicious Circle“, San Jose Californians Insolence came to prominence in 2001 when they signed to Madonna’s Maverick Records label, the home of Deftones. There they released their sixth studio record “Revolution” which actually was more of a continuation of the evolution that had seen them move into Nu-Metal with Reggae and hip-hop vibes with cuts like “Head 2 Head” and “Natural High” reworked from their previous independent album “Poisonous Philosophy“. Unlike a lot of Nu-Metal outfits they have not fallen away into oblivious obscurity and to date have amassed a body of work that consists of 9 albums and 6 EPs as they continue down the line of raising political issues and anti-violence protest lyrics. For our part, “Death Threat” was the cut that caught the attention while Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Powerflo and SX-10 fame appears on “1-2, 1-2“.

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