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Review: “Consequences” by Aeons

Nearly two years in the making, “Consequences“, the follow up to 2019 debut album “A Tragic End” from Aeons, a Progressive Technical Metal quintet from the Isle of Man is one that has a lot to live up to thanks to the high bench mark left by its predecessor. The band, who comprise Justin Wallace

Interview: TesseracT talk “Portals” with Heavy New York!

As the 10th Anniversary of their critically acclaimed and cunningly titled debut album “One” approaches TesseracT bassist Amos Williams spoke to Heavy New York in this freshly aired interview. The subjects roam from that to creating visual art and “Portals“, a live album and Blu-ray to be released via Kscope Records on 27th August, for

NEWS: Far From Refuge sail into crystal cove…

…which just so happens to be the first single from an as yet unnamed and undated album from the Cambridge Progressive Tech-Metallers Far From Refuge, although if the cover art over at bandcamp is anything to go by, it could well be a self titled affair. Running deep on lyrical themes which deal with the

NEWS: Alogon joined by Ashe O’Hara for “Porcelain”!

Italian Progressive Metallers Alogon have been joined by one of their heroes in Ashe O’Hara (ex-TesseracT, Voices From The Fuselage) for their latest single offering “Porcelain“, recorded at Blackwave Studio with Fabio Palombi, a place they have frequented for playthrough video sessions of late. The band cited TesseracT alongside Devin Townsend and Monuments as an influence

NEWS: Trivium announce Quartet of UK shows for 2021!

Following Matt Heafy joining Sepultura for a rendition of “Slave New World” a few days ago, Trivium have announced a quartet of shows in November 2021 for fans to salivate over. The line up is jaw dropping with German legends Heaven Shall Burn joining TesseracT and Fit For An Autopsy on the run that will

Review: “Sublimation(s)” by Oria

“‘Sublimation’ is a word that bears two distinct meanings. In chemistry, it is the transition of a solid object directly to its gas phase while in Psychology it is a type of defense mechanism where the negative instincts and impulses are channeled into something positive and creative. Both meanings relate in some way to what

NEWS: Call From Distant Earth dive into the “Pitch Black”!

Sharing a title with Vin Diesel’s finest moment on screen moment, Rennes France Progressive Metalcore act Call From Distant Earth have shared a new single from their upcoming EP “The Fall From Desmeda“. Entitled “Pitch Black“, it was recorded and mixed at Atikus Studio by Benoit Hauton (Man’n Sin, TesseracT) and mastered by Karsten Honsack

Review: “Senses Part Two” EP by Derange

Splitting a full length album into two EPs and releasing them six months apart has worked very well for London Alternative Metallers Derange. It’s kept the spotlight firmly on the quintet, which is exactly where it should be, given their undoubted talents. They came to the fore in 2015 with “The Awakening” and haven’t looked

Review: “Here And Now” by Joviac

Joviac was formed in late 2016 by frontman Viljami Jupiter Wenttola (Vocals, Guitars, Synths) as a necessary artistic outlet with a strong vision and an unrelenting compulsion to express himself through the medium of music. Initially recording as a two man project with Antti Varjanne (Bass), they released their debut in 2017 before Rudy Fabritius