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NEWS: Vildhjarta begin the inquisition?

669 days after the release of their last album “Måsstaden Under Vatten” via Century Media to much critical acclaim, Swedish Thall pioneers Vildhjarta have returned with a new single in “+ den spanska känslan +” (or “The Spanish Feeling“). You can bet your bottom dollar it was mixed and mastered by drummer Buster Odeholm, with

NEWS: Blightfeeder premier first single “Exordium”!

Somewhere between Humanity’s Last Breath and Vildhjarta Buster Odeholm has found the time to master the debut single from Texas Deathcore collective Blightfeeder in “Exordium“. Adorned by stunning artwork from serially abused Deathcore and Death Metal artist Armaada Art (Eighty Thousand Dead, Ammut, Draconian Reign), it finds guitarist Evan Wadsworth, drummer Ethan Houston, vocalist Juan

The Black Map #234: Eyes Of A Nihilist from Peterborough!

Nihilism. A family of views and philosophies that rejects generally accepted or fundamental aspects of human existence such as social institutions, religion and morality… Which has to be the shortest definition known to man of a very broad subject but essential for the understanding of the concept that Peterborough Progressive Thrall act Eyes Of A

NEWS: Observist search for Human life in the wreckage?

After a first year that saw them make a serious impact with debut EP, “From The Ashes”, Melbourne Metal collective Observist are back with another offering in the form of  “Human”, one which brings to the Kings table both DJent and the low-tuned discordance of Thall. Produced by Kye Blomeley (In Vanity, Nicolas Cage Fighter, Anticline) and mastered

Review: ”Måsstaden Under Vatten” by VILDHJARTA

When it comes down to it, it could almost be considered a crime against humanity that a collective like VILDHJARTA have been allowed to leave in excess of 2920 days between releases but the quality of their 2011 debut “Måsstaden” and 2013 EP “Thousands Of Evils” have been more than enough to keep the home

Review: “Vacua” by Every Hour Kills

“This record is a culmination of a dark, tumultuous f***ed up year in the world and in my personal life, as it was for many people around the world. As lucky as I am to still have work and my basic needs met, the emotional rollercoaster still affected me strongly and I ended up unemployed

NEWS: Every Hour Kills premier “Intransigent” and announce next EP!

Having previously called themselves “a constantly evolving musical collective” Calgary, Canadians Every Hour Kills have a new single “Intransigent”, the first taste of an EP called “Vacua” set for release on 8th October. While the band remains a rotating collective ensemble featuring the core of ex-Divinity and Enditol guitarist and producer Sacha Laskow, bassist Brent Stutsky (ex-Breach

The Black Map #115: In Fear from Bristol!

Bristol’s In Fear are a band that you might have heard of before without realizing it because in 2017, Jake Searle (Vocals), Ryan Simmons (Guitar), Ben Threlfall (Guitar), Sam Elswood (Bass), Sam Kellaway (Drums) got together and formed In Fear They Follow. But then shortening one’s band name name isn’t something uncommon and if it