Riff Police! Pull Over! #154: Bewitcher Vs WASP!

Getting scorned by the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) alongside household names like Motley Crue, Mercyful Fate and Venom in the 80’s never stopped Blackie Lawless or his band WASP but it did inspire them to write a song about them in “Harder Faster” from their 1987 record “Live…In the Raw”. Rather than go head

Bootleg: Mushroomhead in Boynton Beach, Florida!

…with Cleveland Ohio’s Mushroomhead signing to Napalm Records (Devildriver, Jinjer, Infected Rain) for their latest album ” A Wonderful Life“, the timing is right for Liberated Tape Archive to pull an old full show from them out of the filing cabinet. The venue is Orbit in Boynton Beach, Florida on 21st August 2001 where they