Bootleg: Mushroomhead in Boynton Beach, Florida!

…with Cleveland Ohio’s Mushroomhead signing to Napalm Records (Devildriver, Jinjer, Infected Rain) for their latest album ” A Wonderful Life“, the timing is right for Liberated Tape Archive to pull an old full show from them out of the filing cabinet. The venue is Orbit in Boynton Beach, Florida on 21st August 2001 where they shared a stage with WASP and Dog Fashion Disco and this is a twin cam mix – Center Stage and Right Front – and there are only currently a trio of the eight strong line up in this set currently in the band…

Line up

Steve “Skinny” Felton – drums (1993–present)
Jason “J Mann” Popson – rapping vocals (1993–2004, 2013–present); screamed vocals (2015–present)
Rick “St1tch” Thomas – turntables, samples (2001–present); additional percussion (2007-present); keyboards (2015-present)
Marko “Bronson” Vukcevich – guitars (2001–2006), samples (1998–2001)
Jack “Pig Benis” Kilcoyne – bass (1996–2012)
Dave “Gravy” Felton – guitars (1999–2012)
Tom “Shmotz” Schmitz – keyboards, samples (1993–2015)
Jeffrey “Nothing” Hatrix – lead vocals (1993–2018)


1 – Bwomp
-Technical Difficultes-
2 – Before I Die
3 – These Filthy Hands
4 – Xeroxed
5 – Solitare Unraveling
6 – Empty Spaces
7 – Born Of Desire

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