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Review: “Fracture” by Bleed From Within

Returning after a five year absence with 2018’s “Era“, Glaswegian Groove Metal quintet Bleed From Within incorporated some DJent and Technical elements into their rejuvenated sound and delivered something both jaw dropping and phenomenal. We didn’t expect them to become the touring force that they were over the touring cycle but none the less they

Review: “Agony Anthem” EP by The Dialectic

**Between writing this review and it’s publication, The Dialectic have called time on their career in music, however we have left the review as it was written out of respect for the band and a love of their work** A 4-piece Extreme Metal band known for bringing the heat from Tyler Texas, The Dialectic dropped

Review “Legion: The Fall” by The Contradiction

The Contradiction are Progressive Oriental Metal band from Czech Republic with members originally from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Poland who have collaborated with members of Silent Generation, Shokran, Obscure of Acacia, Diary of My Misanthropy, Brojob, Marina, Second to Sun and John Wolfhooker to “prove that art don’t have any borders and we all can create beautiful music, no

Bootleg: Lamb Of God at Hellfest!

So it seems that Lamb Of God have indeed got a new album slated for an early 2020 appearance with this teaser surfacing. Whether or not the album is called “State Of Unrest“, the title given to their upcoming April run with Power Trip and Kreator they remain very much tight lipped about but it

Documentary: How to get a Lamb Of God guitar tone!

Whether or not the title of the “State of Unrest” tour that will see Lamb Of God bring Power Trip and Kreator to the UK in April is actually the name of a new album remains to be seen but with Chris Adler out of the fold and Winds Of Plague man Art Cruz remaining

NEWS: Lamb Of God enter the State of Unrest!

It might be a while away but with Winds Of Plague drummer Art Cruz now confirmed as not leaving their drum stool, Lamb Of God have announced the “State of Unrest” Tour across the UK in April! Joining them will be Kreator and Power Trip so whether that means a new album from them between

Bootleg: Lamb Of God at Graspop Metal Meeting!

Finally having confirmed that Chris Adler would not be returning to the drum stool and Art Cruz of Winds Of Plague would remain in the hot seat, something which, let’s be honest was probably on the cards since he stepped away to do Megadeth, there seems to be a new freedom about Lamb Of God.

Review: “World War X” by Carnifex

The Seventh studio album from Carnifex has been one we’ll promoted by Nuclear Blast in the build up to it’s appearance. It’s easy for a band that has reached this stage in their career to be cruelly ignored under some misguided notion that they don’t need any help in promoting their album and spreading the

Bootleg: Lamb of God at With Full Force!

It’s doesn’t really need an introduction but it’s kind of what we do. So here is a Pro-Shot full set from Lamb of God at With Full Force Festival in Germany. Winds of Plague sticksman Art Cruz continues to deputise for Chris Adler with no date set for his return to the drum stool. Have

Bootleg: “Walk With Me In Hell” from Lamb of God!

Chris Adler’s return to the drum stool maybe on an unknown timeline but in Winds of Plague sticksman Art Cruz they have a man with an ocean of experience filling in. Filmed at Download Festival this past weekend, here’s the classic “Walk With Me In Hell” from Lamb of God!