Vs. Tuesday: Round #3: 2 Bands Cover 1 Song. Who Wins? Fight!

This week it’s a nu-metal extravaganza. “Thieves” by industrial legends Ministry. This weeks pretenders are nu-metal pioneers in their own right. First up Limp Bizkit‘s studio version from 2013, which is allegedly from their upcoming “Stampede Of The Disco Elephants” album. I Say allegedly – it’s been about 7 years in the works. The song itself is one that Limp Bizkit have covered since 1998 in various forms. Going up against them are Dope with a guest spot from Andy LaPlegua of Combichrist. It remains to be seen if Dope’s version will appear on “Blood Money (pt II)” or if it will simply join the huge array of covers that the band have in their back catalogue. Either way, who wins? You Decide.

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