Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Nirvana

Technically speaking the third and final studio album from Seattle Grunge Kings Nirvana, “In Utero” appeared to both mixed reviews and critical acclaim in September 1993. The album itself was recorded over a two week period in February of the same year at Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls Minnesota with engineer Steve Albini (Zao, Helmet) as the band looked to capture a more natural and live sounding record. When news leaked to the press that their record label had cold feet on the album and might not release it in it’s intended form and Albini declined to remix and remaster the work, the band turned to R.E.M. producer Scott Litt. He made allegedly minor tweaks to the albums sound and is credited with remixing singles “Heart-Shaped Box” and “All Apologies” in full.

In the Red corner, we have Red Method who released their cover of the Nirvana classic on their recently deceased album “For The Sick…” which was originally set for 2019. Featuring four members of Death Metallers Meta-Stasis and The AVD aka Alex Avdis from the now defunct industrialists The Defiled in their ranks, their album features a surprising amount of Slipknot-isms, whiehc has helped them create a unique take on the track. In the Blue corner it has to be Westfield Massacre. Formed in 2015 as quintessentially a Metalcore act, they made headlines not only for their music but for the way they were unceremoniously dumped by ex-Divine Heresy vocalist Tommy Vext who jumped ship for the now hugely successful Bad Wolves. Who wins? You decide!

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