Vs. Tuesday: One Song! Two Bands! Who Wins? FIGHT! “Who Let The Dogs Out?”

If we said the Baha Men to you, you might not know who we were talking about. But if we said “Who Let The Dogs Out?” then you’re going to know. The song was inescapable for a summer in 2001 and ended up a multi platinum single in the US alone. In true Punk Goes Pop style Our Last Night have made more of a reputation for themselves in their career for their covers than their origoaor material. Last week, they joined the Baha Men for a collaborative version of the song.

Someone got in there first however. Playing Thrash Metal with Hardcore attitude are Italian quintet Kill The Klown. They dropped their version 4 years ago after performing it live and it going down a storm! It’s easy to see why. Who wins? You decide.

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