Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Sic.

The continuation of the longest running series upon these pages means it will soon surpass Sir Mo Farah’s average road race mileage and this time our we’re going for something heavier. There aren’t going to be many who could argue that the first two Slipknot albums are better than the rest of their back catalogue, representing a more complete sound and vision of what the band was in its unadulterated pure state. Before the beast became a monster. That’s not to say that there aren’t any decent tracks anywhere else in their career, but just as albums go, the reset have a few that don’t match the intensity or ferosity of the first pair. That’s our opinion, we’ll stand by it, so if anyone wants to convince us otherwise, then we’ll happily crack open a bottle of Wild Turkey and discuss until the Cows come home.

And so to our head to head. The band formerly known as Anatomy Of The Void, know called Milestone have dropped a brilliantly dark concept album in “Isle” this year. So we’ve delved into the archives and come up with gold in the form of a brutal live rendition of “Sic” by Slipknot. That’s the Red Corner. Much more recently however, Russian Deathcore brutes Bite The Goat covered the track as it reached the tender age of 21 from the Iowans 1999 self titled debut album. Who wins? You decide!

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