Live Review: Jinjer w/Karybdis, A Trust Unclean & From Sorrow To Serenity @ Camden Underworld 20/11/2017!

Opening up tonight are London’s Karybdis [4] who debut two new songs mid-set tonight, the second of which goes by the temporary title of “Cracking Open A Cold One with Your Friends” though may well end up being called “Dead To Me” judging by the chorus. They’re currently working on the follow up to 2016’s “Samsara”, which serves as the source for tonight’s Melodic Death Metal onslaught. “Samsara” and “Avarice” go down a storm with the “Monday night club” who are slowly filling the venue as the band play. It’s a tight and technical set from a band that should be getting more attention.

After a false start due to a technical issue, Oxford’s A Trust Unclean [4] smash through a ferocious set. Once again they are hampered by line-up issues – last time we saw them at UK Tech-Fest they had a last minute new guitarist. Tonight they have a loaned in drummer saving the day. “We’re [a bunch of dick heads] here to play you some Death Metal tonight, enjoy”. “Exonerate” and “To Encompass And Eclipse” from current album “Parturition” are set highlights, the later of which features bassist Bobby Hembrow’s parents in the video. Once again, Basick records have unearthed a gem in these guys, lets hope they can keep the core of the band together through the line-up changes.

It’s hard to know what to make of Glasgow’s From Sorrow To Serenity [3]. They use a backing track to intro and outro virtually every song in their set, provide backing vocals on a couple of occasions and even provide a mid-song moment during their set closer. While they are clearly playing the rest of the time, it’s a good 10-15% of their set that uses the backing track. Now it’s one thing to use a backing track to play buried electronics or keyboards, but there is nothing in their set that they couldn’t have played live if they tried. It’s a shame because it takes away from what is otherwise a strong set of songs that demand attention. “Illusive” and “Golden Age” are both set highlights with circle pit and mosh-pit action kicking off throughout.

It’s been a long wait for Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer [5] to appear on our shores. A sold out show at Camden Underworld should be enough to tell them that they are very much in demand and if it wasn’t, then constant chants of “Jinjer, Jinjer” between songs should. Frontwoman Tetyana Shmaylyuk is in fine form while bassist Yevgeny Abdyukhanov, guitarist Roman Ibrahhalilov and drummer Yevgeny Mantulin provide the backdrop for her vocal talent. The band are a well oiled live machine and the set is tight with the band giving 110%. There is virtually no let up between the songs and the energy is immense. From opener “Who Is Gonna Be The One?” through “Words of Wisdom”, to a brutal version of “Just Another”. The band then purposefully slow things down with the technical and brilliant “I Speak Astronomy” before smashing into “Sit Stay, Roll Over” and “Captain Clock”. Slowing things down again for “Pisces” which is stunning before “Желаю – значит получу”, “Outlander” and closer “Bad Water”. The only thing that is missing is “A Plus Or A Minus”. Jinjer are on the rise and rise, their next full length will have them playing bigger venues without a doubt.

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