REVIEW: “Disturbia” EP by Void Of Vision

Following on from 2016’s “Children of Chrome”, Australian’s Void Of Vision‘s follow up “Disturbia” was released last month via UNFD. Void Of Vision stylistically seemlessly blend Tech-Metal with Hardcore in the same way that Polaris do with Metalcore and Tech-Metal. It’s a style that is apparent across both releases but more so on “Disturbia”. The opening track “Spite” is a prime example of this with hardcore breakdowns layered underneath Tech-Metal leads. “Ghost In The Machine” then adds a groove metal element along with clean vocals as well as rap-screams. “You Will Bring Me Down” then lyrically dives into a tale of a broken heart. It’s a song that adds an extra depth of feeling over the other material on show and that’s saying something given what’s here. “Grey Area” comes in to close out the release with Nu-Metal-esq lyrics but delivery in a hardcore style with breakdowns piled on breakdowns. It’s a stylish closer. As a whole, here are nuances that appear out of the wood work over multiple listens that you miss the first few times around. Like Emmure‘s “Speaker of The Dead”, Void Of Vision utilize Getto Blaster esq sounds of tapes rewinding and fast forwarding around speech samples. There are odd synth sounds and a programmed drum machine. The greatest praise that can be given to this is that at four songs it leaves you wanting more. At 11 minutes and 15 seconds, it’s far too short, however quality over quantity is apparent. You could ask why the EP was released as a standalone and not as part of a re-release of “Children of Chrome”. Stylistically it’s not that different, an extension of the sound, with some solid progression. The songs could have been saved for the next full length. Here’s looking forward to that.  [8/10]


1. Spite
2. Ghost In The Machine
3. You Will Bring Me Down
4. Grey Area

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