Riff Police! Pull Over! #21: 36 Crazyfists Vs While She Sleeps!

From the height of the Metalcore era in 2004, “A Snow Capped Romance” by 36 Crazyfists still rates as one of the genre’s finer points. The Portland Oregon bands third album saw frontman Brock Lindow show more range with his vocal prowess, while guitarist Steve Holt got his first opportunity to sit in the production chair and has since gone on to enjoy working with the likes of Skinlab in that capacity. Single “At The End of August” is an absolute banger with a tasty intro setting the pace, excellent guitar work from Holt and a sing-a-long passage that is made for the live show.

Defiantly independent Sheffield Metalcore bruisers¬†While She Sleeps released what can only be described as their magnum opus with “You Are We” in 2017. Not only is it the bands finest release but also one that took them to the next level and maybe even saved their careers. But wait a cotton picking minute. Doesn’t single “Steal The Sun” sound familiar? Where have we heard that guitar work before? We just can’t place it… Influenced? Stolen? There is no doubting While She Sleeps are a Metalcore band for the current generation who have their influences in the previous wave of bands but as for the rest, you’ have to as their axe wielding duo¬†Sean Long and Mat Welsh. Busted!


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