Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! The Rolling Stones?!

Jointly credited to the songwriting partnership of Mick Jagger and Kieth Richards, The Rolling Stones originally released “Paint It Black” as a single in May 1966 before it appeared on their album “Aftermath” later that year. It’s claimed that Jagger took lyrical inspiration from “Ulysses” by novelist James Joyce, though much like a number of Jagger’s alleged activities, it has never been proven. In today’s RED corner we have The Agony Scene. Back from the brink with a killer new album in “Tormentor” which is out now via none other than Outerloop Records! They dropped their cover of The Rolling Stones classic back in the summer of 2003 on their self-titled debut album, courtesy of Solid State Records!

In today’s BLUE corner we have The Black Dahlia Murder. The American death metal band from Waterford, Michigan, probably best known for the vocals of one Trevor Strnad. They released their version in Spring 2002 on “A Cold-Blooded Epitaph” via Lovelost Recorsds, their second EP and final release with original guitarist John Deering, prior to releasing their full length debut “Unhallowed” via Metal Blade in 2003. Who wins? You decide!

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