Vs. Tuesday: One Song! Two Bands! Who Wins? Fight! Prodigy Edition!

Braintee in Essex is the home of Industrial Electronicia pioneers The Prodigy. Rising from the back of the early 90’s rave scene, the bands third album “The Fat Of The Land” released in 1997, build on their previous hard work to critical acclaim and huge commercial success. Going Multi Platinum, the single “Fire Starter” was one of the stand out moments.

Going head to head, in the Red corner, we have Soulfly‘s 2005 released re-worked version of the song entitled “Riot Starter” that appeared on “Dark Ages”. Industrial music has always had an influence on their frontman Max Cavalera with side project Nail Bomb taking that and making it so much more.

If it was done on purpose to go into direct competition or not, only the band could tell you, but the band that Max Cavalera left, Sepultura did their own version of the song in 2011 as a bonus track on return to form “Kairos”. Who Wins? You decide!

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