Review: “Promo 2019” by Ritual Bash

Hailing from Perugia, Italy are a Pizza Thrash band called Ritual Bash. They’ve put out a two track promo classically recorded in their rehearsal room with the help of Francesco Stramaccia and Morris Marchi before getting Mastering from Stefano Atoragon. Opening track “MK Ultra” references the CIA Mind Control Program from 1953 in a riff fest of an affair that never lets up it’s relentless pace. The tune features some powerful high pitched vocals not far away from Steve “Zetro” Souza of Exodus fame as well as that classic 80’s Thrash era solo and whammy bar action! “Booty Call”, well the title says it all, doesn’t it? It’s a tale of caution about getting caught in the trap of the booty call and hilariously good fun. It’s a headbangingly good affair that features all those classic Pizza Thrash elements, from the barked backing vocal to electrifying solo. If you’re a fan of the likes of Municipal Waste or of Gamma Bomb then this is for you! [8/10]

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