Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Lamb of God Edition!

Time flies doesn’t it?! Unbelievably, “Wrath” by Lamb Of God turns 10 on 23rd February! The album won a Metal Hammer Golden God Award and narrowly missed out on a pair of Grammy Awards for “Set To Fail” and “In Your Words” in the Best Metal Performance category in consecutive years. To celebrate that, we’ve decided to put a pair of Lamb Of God covers head to head!

First up, in the Blue corner, from “Suicide Civilization”, we have Saudi Arabians Premonition performing their take on the Lamb Of God classic “Laid To Rest”. That release also features a choice Parkway Drive cover as well! In the Red corner, we have Ukraine’s finest export Jinjer tearing it up in Sibiu Transylvania, central Romania. Feel that irony. Laid to Rest. In Transylvania! Who wins? You decide!

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