Review: “Dead of Night” by Night Screamer

Calling themselves “a mix of classic metal, hook laden hard rock riffs and 80’s nostalgia” are London’s Night Screamer. After a pair of EPs (2014’s “Hit n’ Run” and 2015’s “Vigilante”) they’ve taken 18 months to nail down their full debut album “Dead of Night” which appeared at the end of April. The 5 piece comprises Vocalist GADD, Guitarist duo Calvin Lever and Jamie Carter and a rhythm section of bassist Julia B Cadau and drummer Kilian Noise.

6 minute opening anthem “Sacrifice” hints at an early Megadeth influence with with an undercurrent of Thrashier tones underneath the main sound that bridges the gap between 80s Hard Rock and Metal with some tasteful guitar licks while the vocals have a hint to Dave Mustaine’s stylings in the verse. It’s a re-recording of the tune that brought 2015’s “Vigilante” to life but with more edge. As with the opener, “Night Screamer” has some choice lead guitar flourishes that add a decent bit of edge to the tunes without being overpowering and there is a distinct Iron Maiden flavour sprinkle. The addition of a scream in this one shows some more of the range while the lyrics speak of a female demon of the night who is out for your blood. Slowing things down a notch “Blood on the Wall (F***ed it up)” raises the stakes with a more expansive guitar solo duel of epic proportions. It’s slower groove lends itself to an entirely sing along able tune that would probably be on Planet Rock Radio if it wasn’t for the profanity in the chorus.

It’s interesting if not unexpected that Night Screamer chose to re-record “Hit n’ Run”, the second re-recording on the album. It’s the critically acclaimed tune that got them where they are today and no doubt a live staple. This version is 6 seconds shorter and fits the stylings of the album itself having been mixed and mastered in the same way. A song about the devil’s daughter in disguise? The storytelling style of the lyrics is classic 80s. “March Of The Dead” is by a few seconds the longest cut on the album. Using a stompy groove and attitude it conjurers imagery of the dead rising from their graves and marching over the Earth, destroying everything in their path. It’s the soundtrack to the finest of the cheesy low budget 80s horror films. Some of the higher pitched vocals might be a little too much for younger fans but will fit right in with the older crowd. Featuring another one of those ripping elongated face melting solos “Party With The Devil” is a tune that celebrates all that was good about the guitar tones of the 80s Metal sound with a bigger bass sound in the mix. There is a multi layered approach to the vocals that gives it a bit more sing a song ability but need the warning, enjoy the party because you’ll never leave!

“Paradise Lost” uses a in intro similar to “In My Darkest Hour” by Megadeth and couples it with a spoken word before stepping up just a notch into a slower, haunting melodic groove and introspective lyrics. It’s a big rock tune with some big clean vocals that is enjoyable enough but doesn’t step out of the shadow of some of the earlier material. Fortunately “Rise Above” thunders in like a Knight in shining armour as one of the finer cuts on the album. A high energy sonic of fist pumping anthemic quality aided by a bigger drum sound and some lightening rod lead work almost throughout. It’s the sort of thing that Trivium would influenced by if it had it appeared in their youth. Chasing a high, “Out Of My Mind” talks of wanting to get to escape today’s reality over and over again with an adrenaline rush of sweeping guitar work and some longer instrumental sections between the chorus and verse flow. It’s a fine way to close things off as a solid reminder of what this band are all about! [7.5/10]

  1. Sacrifice
  2. Night Screamer
  3. Blood on the wall (F***ed it up)
  4. Hit n’ Run
  5. March Of The Dead
  6. Party With The Devil
  7. Paradise Lost
  8. Rise Above
  9. Out Of My Mind

“Dead of Night” by Night Screamer is out now and available via bandcamp

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