Bleeding Through w/Ithaca, Nihility & Chamber @ Camden Underworld

For a UK Exclusive show at Camden Underworld, what has the potential to be one last chance to see the Orange County Metalcore heroes that are Bleeding Through in the live arena is not one to be missed! Having seemingly returned from the ashes with 2018’s new album “Love Will Kill All”, vocalist Brandan Schieppati (ex-Eighteen Visions), drummer Derek Yongsma, keyboardist Marta Peterson, guitarist Brian Leppke and bassist Ryan Wombacher (Light the Torch) will take the stage together for what should be a Metalcore show that lives long in the memory…

Shropshire Metallic Hardcore crew Chamber [7/10] look surprisingly awkward on stage. A tattooed frontman wearing a polo shirt that makes him look like he came straight from work and no band member in band gear of any description. That being said, looks can be deceiving and they deliver slab after mortuary slab of brutal Metallic Hardcore riffs with vocals that border on the Slam territory of heavy. Last year’s EP “Disaffected” garnered them attention from the like of NME and Kerrang. There is more to come from these gentlemen.

Having shared a stage with Ithaca for their “The Language Of Injury” release party and toured Mainland Europe with Cold Hard Truth and Splitknuckle already this year, Southampton Death Metallers Nihility [7/10] are no strangers to the stage. Their frontman takes a stage dive midway through the first song and stops mid-set to deliver a speech about Mental Health before dedicating the next song the friends lost to suicide.  Constantly stalking the stage side to side whilst letting out some throat shredding unclean vocals to the backing of some Death Metal that delivers plenty of punch. They’re heading out to Japan in August.

Their previously mentioned critically acclaimed album “The Language Of Injury” is one of the highlights of 2019 so Ithaca [9/10] are highly anticipated tonight. Currently on the crest of the wave they’ve created with their debut full length album the London chaotic Hardcore quintet show us that they are the real deal and can bring it live as they do on the album. We might not have thought it possible but Djamila Azzouz vocals are even more caustic live than they are on the album and the band have a live energy that gives everything that extra something. Their bursts of brutal nasty Hardcore with momentary breaks and melodic twists and turns are masterful and live the male Vs female vocal call and response style parts are more evident.

Orange County Metalcore heroes Bleeding Through [10/10] take to the stage to rapturous applause and very quickly the packed Camden Underworld become a sea of bodies stage diving, singing and screaming along to every word of every song. It may have been a year since “Love Will Kill All” but these shows aren’t as regular as they once were so the fans and the band are very much taking the “this could be the last chance, let’s make the most of it” point of view. Cuts like “Revenge I Seek” and “Love Lost In A Hail of Gunfire” complete with its iconic introduction get things going at a frenetic pace with the audience in the palm of the bands hands. The set has plenty of new songs, including “Dead Eyes” which is a fine example of the band still having so much more to give despite a 6 year hiatus and to call the current album a return to form is an understatement. The huge closing sing-a-long of “On Wings Of Lead” is simply wonderful and we hope this isn’t the last chance we get to see this phenominal band take the stage.

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