Review: “One Alive” EP by Sunsmoke

Combining Rapcore and Groove Metal, Sumsmoke hail from Warsaw Poland. Formed in the summer of 2017, they recorded their first EP “One Alive” a year later at U Dudzika studio, owned by Marcin “Dudzik” Dudzicki (PLAN, Ereles, ex-Kabanos) in Warsaw. Taking their inspirations from the likes of Rage Against The Machine, Stuck Mojo and Clawfinger they played their first festivals this summer. Guitarist ArtiZmo, bassist Brzoza, drummer Tobi and vocalist Yaro want simply to combine groovy riffs with fast aggressive rap fueled vocals to create their sound.

Starting out their three track debut EP with “Rolling Boulder”, a track with a Wes Borland riff that has plenty of pulls and squeals that eventually see a short but sweet solo. The accented rap vocal with the odd clean sung moment has plenty of charm while having a fast flow that means you don’t always get all that’s being said the first time around – but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a socially aware tune that ends up as something of a statement piece. If Clawfinger are the elder statesman of the genre then Sunsmoke are the young upstarts! “Something to Come”, changes the gears slightly a whispered vocal pattern adding a change down and an elongated bright solo giving the sound more thrust. The bass and drums are louder in the mix across the EP, something which is common in the genre but the guitars still manage to have a spark with a bit of a Shadows Fall Metalcore riff kicking things off before the vocalist hit and the rhythms are extended to allow for the flow. Adding pieces of lead work into the mix gives a energy while the stomp of the breakdown section that breaks into the solo is solid. Taking some early Pantera esq riffs into the title track “One Alive”, Sunsmoke move in concentric circles to build up the layers of sound underneath them and start a fire. When the opening riff starts the tune off, you could be forgiven for thinking you were listening to some classic rock with a Midwest twang but by the time the groove hits, you know it’s on [7/10]

Track list

  1. Rolling Boulder
  2. Something to Come
  3. One Alive

“One Alive” by Sunsmoke is out now

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