Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Happy?

…with each and every passing year their are rumours of much loved bands getting back together for a show or an album or more and sometimes it happens, like in the case of Eighteen Visions who not only came back but did so in style. But more often than not, with various members having either 9-5’s they can’t escape or being in other bands, it simply doesn’t get off the ground. How many times has a classic Sepultura line-up reunion been mentioned since 1996?! So it’s with that in mind that we turn to Mudvayne. Their first pair of mind blowing albums, which featured some ground breaking guitar work from Gregg Tribbett and could be considered the precursor to what eventually became DJent were inspired. However the ongoing success of Hellyeah and Audiotopsy stand firmly in the way of any return. So here are a pair of versions of “Happy?” to bring back the Nu-Metal.

In the Red corner with have Between Now And Forever, a trio from upstate New York who flow between Hard Rock and Metalcore. In the Blue corner we have Bely Basarte who is joined by guitarist Alejandro Prada for a beautiful acoustic rendition of the song. Who Wins? You decide!

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