Review: “The Last Rager” by Municipal Waste

Richmond Virginia Crossover Thrashers Municipal Waste have been telling tales about alcohol, cannibalism, mutants and… Thrash since 2001 while joining both Thrash and Hardcore bands at shows all over the Globe. We had the pleasure of witnessing their live debauchery on The Persistence Tour and these Gentlemen know how to party! Six studio albums, three EPs and four split releases in a 18 year career to date has see. The band go from strength to strength so it’s time to check out their latest offering “The Last Rager”, a pun on “The Lone Ranger” perhaps?

A classic 80’s Thrash Metal riff brings in “Wave Of Death” with a gang chant and a face melting atmospheric solo from Ryan Waste. You might find yourself waiting for vocals which never come because aside from the title of the song, there aren’t any. It’s a fine introduction that perhaps belongs on a film soundtrack, you know, as a wave of flesh eating Zombies descend upon a Motel in which the receptionist is having an affair with the married owner. Or something. “Car-Nivore (Street Meat)” takes a pedal to the metal approach with vocalist Tony Foresta raging about driving like a maniac to some some classic Suicidal Tendencies inspired riffage. It’s bold, brave and hilariously good headbangable fun. Crushing your enemies with your car as a weapon while shooting shots of Jägermeister? It’s time to get into the pit! The tongue in cheek lyrics are joyful good fun. “Rum For Your Life” takes a similarly relentlessly energetic approach with some classic Exodus inspired riffs leading into a punk speed metal bridge and the rants of Foresta. The face melting solo on this one is a step up from the last and the whammy bar drop out is electrifying. Title track “The Last Rager” asks “Can you survive the night? Will you make it alive?” over some horror themed atmospherics that would make Wednesday 13 jealous. The chord progressions are all ones which you’ll have head before at some point but they’re done with modernized production, tones and with slick skills. It’s a fun and engaging way to end an EP that will tide the band over until their next album, though some fans might feel a bit short changed with only 3 proper tracks plus an intro of sorts [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Wave Of Death
  2. Car-Nivore (Street Meat)
  3. Rum For Your Life
  4. The Last Rager

“The Last Ranger” by Municipal Waste is out now via Nuclear Blast

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