Exclusive Interview: Cutting Teeth talk “Fracture/Decompose”!

Having reviewed “Fracture/Decompose” by Cutting Teeth last week, we were given the chance to do a little Q&A with vocalist James Thurlby around the band, the release and bands from their patch in Leeds. A big thank you needs to be said to Donnay at The Noise Cartel for setting this one up!

How have you felt about the reaction to “Fracture/Decompose”? It must be incredibly humbling and exciting to have the likes of Kerrang Magazine and Alternative Press talking about you? The reaction has been next level something we feel very humbled by. With such prestigious names talking about us, we all think it’s crazy but at the same time we’ve worked so hard in order to make this happen. We just hope we can get as many involved as possible”

“Diathesis” has a chantable chorus which makes it stand out from the pack and has done really well as a single. How has it gone down live at the shows? To be honest we’ve only played it once since it’s been released so we really hope sometime in the future that could happen but for now we’re just happy for people to snap their necks in appreciation to the riffs”

The shoegazing kind of Post Hardcore sound of a “A Reason To Give” makes for an achingly ugly beautiful track. What’s the story behind it? Adam originally came up with the music in the early stages of writing. The haunting atmosphere of the intro really set it apart from anything we’d wrote prior and really fueled my lyrics which are inspired by isolation. We pretty much figured “If we can pull this off we have room to explore other avenues in the future”. I think once Nath laid the bass down it added a whole new layer to the song making it thicker, which only adds to the heaviness of the track.”

What was behind the decision not to include the April and May singles “No Mercy.” and “Aggressor” on the EP and make it into an album? “We originally wrote those songs back in summer 2018 soon after we’d completed our first EP. As a band we’ve all developed since as songwriters and felt that including those 2 tracks on the EP would stick out too much compared to songs like “Blistered” and “A Reason to Give””

Things for the Leeds Metal scene seem to be going well at the minute, what with Values signing to Stay Sick Recordings as well as your fine work. Are their any other bands in the local scene you’d recommend? “Our friends in DAO and 99% Cobra really have a heavy fast pace sound, in fact we love the guys in Cobra so much we have Rob (Kirk) featuring on our track Ghost Blood. In and around the scene we’d have to shout out Greed, Scorned and Implement all of which we think people need to check out. Jono tends to really keep his ears open for new music so we often get a lot of local talent drip-fed to us that way”

You’ve got runs with Black Tongue and Raiders lined up over the next few months. Are their any festival plans for the summer? If you could head out to Mainland Europe, who would you choose to take with you? At the moment we’re on the look out for any and all festivals that will have us on over summer, it’d be something we’re hungry to play! Mainland Europe would be the dream! I’m especially eager to play Germany it’s such a cool country. If it was ANY band I think we’d love to play with Every Time I Die and or Cancer BatsIf it was us Headlining we’d love to take our boys Covent or Thecityisours out. Both bands are such nice guys and we’re all able to have a laugh together.

“Fracture/Decompose” by Cutting Teeth is out now! They’ll be on tour in January with Raiders!

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