The Black Map 81: Unfathomable Ruination from London!

In 12 days time London Death Metallers Unfathomable Ruination will be unveiling their third studio album “Enraged & Unbound” via Willowtip Records. The album features a pair of high profile guest appearances, first on “Occulta Violentiam” where they’re joined by Sven de Caluwé of Aborted then then on “Defy the Architect” which sees Julien Truchan of Benighted take up the microphone. Three years in the making, the album is in part a concept release, exploring the depths of Mental Illness and pushing the boundaries of Death Metal.

Starting out with their self titled debut 3 track single in 2010, vocalist Ben Wright, guitarist duo Daniel Herrera and Ross Piazza alongside a rhythm section of bassist Jake Law and drummer Doug Anderson have kept it strictly 3 years between albums. Their 2013 debut full length “Misshapen Congenial Entropy” was followed up with a 2015 single in “Idiosyncratic Chaos” before 2016s brutal “Finitude”. If single “Protoplasmic Imprisonment” is anything to go by then the new album should be something special.

“Enraged & Unbound” by Unfathomable Ruination is available fro pre-order via bandcamp


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