The Black Map #91: Fatal Collision from Glasgow!

In conversation with Road Mutant guitarist Tom Cronin, he mentioned not wanting to be pigeon holed as a Pizza Thrash band and wanting to avoid some of the cheese levels that have been reached by some of their peers. Well Glasgow Skate Thrash quartet Fatal Collision don’t give a s*** about that. After all, “Captain” Kieran Hughes (Vocals), Ross Dunn (Bass), Den Bonura (Drums) and Liam “Grum” Graham (Guitar) have a mission statement which reads “Skate thrash band from Glasgow with severe hardcore punk influences comprised of really real gutter punks with Manowarian real steel sex appeal and hearts of gold” and personal interests of “Playing thrash and eatin’ a**“. Make of that what you will.

Citing influences in the Big Four and as you might expect Suicidal Tendencies, Sick Of It All and Storm Troopers Of Death, it shouldn’t surprise you that they also love Sylvester Stallone films (We’ll wager “Rambo: First Blood“, “Rocky” and “Cobra” but definitely not “Spy Kids 3: Game Over”) so they should also enjoy a bit of Austrian Death Machine. Their musical history started in May 2017 with their three track demo “Free Your Mind” which is something of an insult to demos as it doesn’t sound rough at all. September 2018 saw creature double feature “Abomination” and “Bible Basher” rear it’s ugly head and both releases are available over at bandcamp. Normally, we’d give you a music video or audio stream to check out for a Black Map featured band but… Fatal Collision are best represented live so here’s a pro-shot set from them at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow Scotland on 14th December 2018!

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