NEWS: Cognitive have a “Fragmented Perception”!

October 2018 saw Pulverizing Death Metallers Cognitive from Jobbstown, New Jersey smash “Matricide” or “The killing of one’s mother” out of the park via Unique Leader Records. They’re still going back to the album and have released a shinny new music video for “Fragmented Perception“, one of ten stand out cuts on the record.

Cognitive guitarist Rob Wharton comments: “The band really took a lot of time with making sure this album was different than our last album “Deformity”. We were extremely happy with the way that album was received, but wanted to try and offer something different this time around. This album pushed all of us on our instruments, but while being hard to play, we wanted to make sure the songs were fun and catchy. We incorporated a ton of new things into this album, while still making sure it sounded like us. We wanted to be more in your face, while still having some abstract passages in the songs. A lot went into this album and we think it’s our best material yet, and we’re very excited for everyone to hear it

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