Review: “Shame” by Jumpman

We first caught a glimpse of what Jumpman, an experimental hardcore duo of Eliot Foster on Lead vocals and guitar Tom Cole on guitar who like to blend hardcore punk, tech-metal and 8-bit chiptune synths, when they played a show in support of Faces of Eve at Reading Facebar last August. We called them a “Nintendocore” band with hints at Godflesh and Ministry sounds combined with Raging Speedhorn. Turns out they have an single out by the name of “Shame” which was produced by Stephen Carter at Hempstead Road Studios in Watford and is coupled with a music video that contains live footage filmed by Nathan Dodd and Ben Akers while being edited by Eliot Foster himself…

…A track with a 90’s industrial heart, think bands like Nottingham’s Pitchshifter back in 1991 when they dropped “Industrial” as a prime example, but with a modern production value and with the advances in technology and you have “Shame” in a nutshell. A blisteringly paced relentless drum machine pattern underpins Jumpman’s sound as both guitarists offer both some technical and blistering riffs with over a single throat ripping verse. Some 8-bit keys close things off and you left screaming “Nooooo!” because the brilliance is over far too quickly. Give it another spin. 80 seconds. And another. You can’t get everything you want in one hit and you won’t here the nuanced programming until the tenth roll of the dice. Fortunately, the Nintedocore duo have included three minutes of “Take Your Joy” as a b-side and that track is just as good for a variety of entirely different reasons. Going with a more human drum machine pattern and some Nintendo synths that sound very familiar to any 90’s gamer, this one riffs out with a more loose live feel. Perfectly headbangable, it’s a got some heavier end Wildhearts sensibilities underneath the the raw raging sounds. Everyone needs a bit of Jumpman’s raw power in their life [8/10]

Track listing
  1. Shame
  2. Take Your Joy

Shame” by Jumpman is out now and available over at iTunes

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