Under The Influence #40: Manalyth on “Ghost Reveries” by Opeth!

August 2005 saw Swedish Progressive Death Metallers Opeth make their major label debut with Roadrunner Records. They did so with their eighth studio album “Ghost Reveries“, produced by Jens Bogren (Sepultura, God Forbid, At The Gates) and saw just one promotional single inĀ “The Grand Conjuration“. For the music video for the track saw it cut almost clean in half with just 5 minutes and 8 seconds of the epic 11 minute affair making the final grade. As drummer Martin Lopez was sick on the day of the video shoot, then Strapping Young Lad sticksman Gene Hoglan graces the stool. Originally intended as an occult concept album about a man’s inner turmoil after killing his own mother, it strays from the path as it plays out. Widely considered one of the most important Progressive Metal albums of the time, it received critical acclaim from all quarters.

Brodee McLaren from Manalyth comments: “I would say that when I was writing the songs for the EP, an album that stood out to me and I would say greatly impacted the sound and direction of the music is the “Ghost Reveries” album from Opeth. It is definitely a contrast in sound between that album and our EP but I have always been inspired by how they can convey a story over the duration of the album with each song continuing the narrative. Concept albums are something I feel gives music a wide range of creativity to not only project lyrics that have standalone capability but are also part of a bigger ensemble that really ties everything together and “Ghost Reveries” is one of my favourite concept albums of all. During the time of writing the music for the EP that album always stuck with me to inspire the sounds, structure, and overall mood or vibe of the EP, and is the biggest reason why I wanted to make a concept album and want to continue making them and creating new stories and ideas

Blood Moon” EP by Manalyth is out now

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