Review: “Push The Button” by Dead Tree Seeds

Like so many, Dead Tree Seeds is a band formed from the ashes of a previous project. When Triakanthos split back in 2009, drummer Alexandre Prudent formed this new outfit and after a few line up changes 2013 saw their debut “Seeds Of Thrash” land a square punch to the jaw of the detractors. Over the past seven years there have been numerous lineup changes but Prudent remains firm in following his Paris based Thrash Metal dream with the mission statement “When there’s no more room in hell, the thrashers will walk the Earth!” For the bands sophomore effort he’s joined by vocalist Frank Vortex, guitarist duo Francois Odonnet and Aurelien Gonzalez alongside bassist Sidi Assila.

Instrumental opening “Thrash Tales” sets the tone for “Push The Button” as a melodic moment that is very much the calm before the storm. Old school Thrash ripper “Fangs Of The White Wolf” is where the album really begins, a Testament influenced piece of 80’s nostalgia that throws down the gang chants that you get with crossover bands like Municipal Waste during it’s all out buzzsaw guitar attack. The surprise is that Vortex offers up a Death Metal roar mid track and that suggests there maybe more to Dead Tree Seeds than meets the eye. Offering up “Master of Puppets” era Metallica riffs and some James Hetfield esq vocals, “Thru God For Vengeance” is another tip of the hat to an age of past Thrash glories while still managing to have a life of its own. The lead flourishes of the final third of the cut are suitably impressive and another mid track Death Metal roar from Vortex is a real highlight. “No Time To Complain” builds atmosphere before going full throttle with some rapid fire riffs and headbangable moments, while proving that the band have what it takes to keep your attention for a longer cut – this one clocking in at 389 seconds. A mid song drop out to an almost progressive somber part before bursting out into a technical solo showcases the skills of Odonnet and Gonzalez before a helter skelter finish that is as solid as they come.

Proving that the Parisians have what it takes to take on not only the Italians but also the San Francisco Bay Area bands at their own game, title track “Push The Button” takes on that classic Thrash lyrical theme of total annihilation Kreator style with a glorious whammy bar drop and another high grade Semtex solo. The insanity of Vortex’s vocals is something that has clearly been worked on, the schizophrenic way that he switches between voices is engaging and while it is clear that there is a Death Metal vocalist in there somewhere, for the most part, he sticks to task and compliments the overall sound of the bands music. Mid album instrumental “The Way To Eternity” is an interesting addition, it’s slower more atmospheric building pace leading to a Marty Friedman esq virtuoso solo that extends out in glorious fashion before “Abjection” rips through the streets like a dust storm tornado that turns everything on its head. Vortex gives more in the way of those Death Metal roars while the band go full throttle with some adrenaline pumping material that ends up being one of the albums stand out tracks in fist pumping, circle pit creating style.

Alternating his bark with some shriller vocals gives the impression that Vortex is two vocalists rather than one during the opening of the historical tale that is “Enemies of Rome“. Working the story-line into the traditionally violent Thrash lyrical approach shows plenty of skill in the craftsmanship while the riffs keep up a steady and electrifying pace with siren like whammy bar drops in the closing minute reminiscent of recent offerings from Power Trip. “Wailing Wall” takes everything up a notch with more urgency and bite in the pounding rhythmic groove, taking things into the direction of Texas Groove Metallers Pissing Razors, especially when a very Southern solo lights up the place like a lightening strike from the storm clouds of the bands precise rhythms. Saving the best until last “Shotdead” is a tale of two halves. A rager of a Thrash cut in the first half before a mid track jazz interlude with an evil whisper about the glories of being shot dead in the mean streets and your brains splattering with a surreal sense of celestial grandeur before the pulverizing close. As a whole a solid and thoroughly enjoyable Thrash Metal record with a healthy combination of nostalgia and afterglow [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Thrash Tales
  2. Fangs Of The White Wolf
  3. Thru God For Vengeance
  4. No Time To Complain
  5. Push The Button
  6. The Way To Eternity
  7. Abjection
  8. Enemies Of Rome
  9. Wailing Wall
  10. Shotdead

Push The Button” by Dead Tree Seeds is out 3rd July via Music-Records and will be available for pre-order over at bandcamp.

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