Review: “The Omega Man” by Divine Weep

5 years have passed since 2015’s critically acclaimed “Tears of the Ages” from Divine Weep. Originally starting out life as a Black Metal band back in 1995, they evolved with long periods of inactivity to take influence from bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and with new members in the fold recorded a debut record “The Age Of The Immortal” after a pair of demo releases. The quintet now comprise original members Dariusz Karpiesiuk (drums) and Bartosz Kosacki (guitar, ex-Hermh)  alongside Dariusz Moroz (guitar), Janusz Grabowski (bass) and Mateusz Drzewicz (lead vocals Hellhaim, Subterfuge) and hail from Bialystok, Poland. For Drzewicz, who has been in the band since 2017, “The Omega Man” marks a recording debut.

Incorporating elements of Death, Thrash and classic Metal throughout, Divine Weep use “Cold As Metal” as their tone setting piece for their new record. For the most part, recorded, mixed and mastered at Dobra 12 Studio by Piotr Polak helps the albums drum sound while the influence of Iron Maiden shines through like a glimpse of light through black clouds. The clean sung opening track sees Drzewicz using a classic voice, somewhere between Dickinson and Dio and the galloping guitars and slick solo are a fine way to start any record. Racing away “Journeyman” is a fable like journey told in fine storytelling fashion with a blistering riff out of a Trivium or The Raven Age playbook with hints at Power Metal underneath. Karpiesiuk offers some frenetic kit work and with plenty of double kick patterns beefing up the longer instrumental parts. “Firestone” continues the breakneck speed riffs while Drzewicz offers up a couple of shrill screams to mix things up vocally. The originating Black Metal surfaces in the final third with Drzewicz offering up some hitherto unheard roars and Karpiesiuk hammering out some blast beats from the furnace, which make for a couple of stunning moments.

A version of “Riders Of Navia” appeared online as long as seven years ago, completely sung by Bartosz Kosacki, the original vocalist and now guitarist. He sings the first verse and chorus and with his accent rises to the surface a few pronunciation issues. They’re minor an if anything add to the charm of the track. There is an urgency to everything that Divine Weep do and even in this slower moment, you get the impression that the band are itching to put their collective feet to the floor and let the throttle out, which they do for a final glorious burst of sonic perfection. It’s very much worth the wait. “The Screaming Skull Of Silence” has something of “Screaming For Vengeance” era Judas Priest about it, while the buried almost spoken word adds a sinister edge before a Death Metal growl and breakdown which are an absolute pleasure. If there was any doubt as to Drzewicz’s vocal range, the final blast beat passage of this one, along with his blackened roars prove that he has a Death Metal monster within, should he choose to unleash it. The meloncholy opening to “Walking (Through The Debris Of Nations)” quickly lifts to a more upbeat groove with some big crash cymbal hits sounding like gun fire in amongst the rapid fire metronomic drum patterns. This one eclipses the 7 minute mark and allows for more epic grandeur as well as a Blackened Death Metal burst at the start of the final third. 

Die Gelassenheit” or “The Serenity” is an ode to War with samples part German, part English over an interlude of achingly beautiful synth that cleanses the mind before the onslaught of “Mirdea Lake“. After a heavier start, it unfurls its sails and becomes a tale of epic proportions before a lung busting Death Metal part which is seamlessly switched into and brings some insanity including some evil deranged laughter during the fade out. Closing on the title track “The Omega Man” which is a fine overarching summary piece for the album as a whole makes it an an obvious choice for single and music video combination. The Black Metal drum patterns against the Classic Metal riffs are brilliantly executed and give everything that extra edge and driving force while the sing-a-long chorus is a call to raise your beer to the sky [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Cold As Metal
  2. Journeyman
  3. Firestone
  4. Riders Of Navia
  5. The Screaming Skull of Silence
  6. Walking (Through The Debris Of Nations)
  7. Die Gelassenheit
  8. Mirdea Lake
  9. The Omega Man

The Omega Man” by Divine Weep is out 8th June via Ossuary Records and is available for pre-order over at bandcamp

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