Bootleg: Nasty announce new album! Full set from Noisefest in Mannheim Germany!

German Metallic Hardcore outfit NASTY have announced their signing to Century Media with a new album entitled “Menace” already completed. That is now scheduled to drop on 25th September with cover art from Michael Shantz (Bring Me The Horizon, Your Demise, Drop Dead Clothing and many more). For those unfamiliar, here is a full pro-shot set from Noisefest in Mannheim Germany back in 2015 that saw them take the stage with Blood For Betrayal, All For Nothing, Fallbrawl and more.

The band comments: “Our only guideline was capturing the insanity of the world including all kinds of nowadays’ additions. We gave him free rein and this is what he came up with.” While the majority of the lyrics were finalized before the band started the recording with Andy Posdziech (Any Given Day) they became even more relevant during the process. “As most people we and all our families got hit really hard by the pandemic and the restrictions that came with it. We even had to find creative ways how to handle parts of the songwriting online and obviously also the recordings. Some guitars were tracked online and Matthi ended up doing all vocals including backing vocals himself. Video shootings that were already planned a long time in advance needed to be rescheduled…”

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